1.Why did u make the site ?

This website came about due to the combination of two things, my experimentation making my first web site and my interest in Get Carter. For years I was curious about the film. Especially the locations - so I started asking the locals if they knew much about it. It wasn't long before I was getting lots of conflicting answers. Everyone knew where this and that was filmed but the trouble was, they were all in different places. I really had to go out and take a look for myself.

2. Do you make any money from your website?

 Not a penny. It was just a bit fun / hobby.


3. Which was the first location you visited?

The first location I successfully found and photographed was north Blyth Jetty (Cambois) it was in april 2001.


4.  Is Gateshead Car park demolished yet? What do you think about it?

No the car park still exists (April2005).

My view on the car park, why not save it. Restore it. Keep it as a retro monument and work it into the new development. A bit like what they have done with the Royal Arcade on Pilgrim Street. It seems to have worked there ok.


6. What happened to the Vehicles from the film?

I'm really not sure. The big American car in the film belonged to the producer. I believe there were two sports alpines used in the film. One that was used for the driving scenes and one that had most of its innards cut out to help it sink when it was pushed into the river. Or maybe the engine was taken out to help them get it back out of the river ;-) who knows.


7. Have you tried contacting Michael Caine about your web site?

No, and I wouldn't. Its just a web site at the end of the day. If some one like the BBC or ITV made a documentary about the making of the film and they got in touch with him. I would be fascinated to hear what he had to say. Don't think that would ever happen though.


8.Do you get many emails about your site?

One or two a week. Over the four years its been online it would run into the hundreds. Especially after the film has just been shown on TV.

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