I would like thank the following people who helped in the making of this site:

  • My mother and father for letting me drag them all over the north east.
  • Joan and Allen for my first trip to Blackhall Rocks (we hit the wrong beach somehow) and also many other locations.
  • The friendly couple at Dryderdale hall.
  • Kevin for loaning me the SLR 35mm which I couldn't operate properly.
  • Chris F for enduring the long bike rides we did in search of locations.
  • Friendly staff at Gateshead carpark.
  • Kristian and little Bob for there company on location hunting.
  • Ronald Marley for giving me the locations of: Ken Hailes bookmakers, Pelaw post office and Ellison Street cafe.
  • Warren and his uncle  Jacks Return Home for their help, and continuous help towards my site.
  • Richard Rmaz and his Get Carter Carpark sitefor allowing me to use one of his photos of the carpark.
  • The Baldy brothers from Century Radio for putting together a great show on Janurary 9th 2002 dedicated to Get Carter with lots of local stories and some cracking sound bites from the movie. Also thanks to all the listeners who phoned in that day and spawned a whole bunch of new leads for the site. It was a great day!!
  • Lance Liddle who worked with Deana Wilde in the 80's, he was able to track her number down and arranged for her to speak with me. Nice one Lance. And then of course Deana Wilde (the pub singer in the fight scene) was able to give the name of the mystery bar I had been looking for so long.
  • Brian Henderson and John Dourish for the Sallyport Cresent location.
  • Simon Bough who filmed the inside of O'neills (Vick and Comet) for me without getting permission from the manageress first, he then was duly Reprimanded, it was very funny!
  • Newcastle Evening chronicle for doing an article on the site, helping spread the word.
  • Sadie Fraser (researcher for the Richard and Judy show) for the location of Keith's house.
  • OH and of course Mike Hodges.......the director, the man who was responsible for bringing Get Carter to Newcastle.......well what can I say.

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