Hidden Stairs of Old Manors Station



    At last, I got in here. Graffiti 's gone though ;-)  After I had given up all hope of gaining access to these steps and ended up posting the view through the window, I gain access, typical.  Thanks to the boys from the MSN Tyne and Wear transport group and the workmen for getting me in here actually. They saw the door was open and alerted me by email. It's a Good thing I got in there when I did because as you will see from the recent picture the stairs are in the middle of being ripped up. Workmen are in there clearing the place out in preparation for a restaurant.  A restaurant of all things. This whole building was part of an underground subway which used to serve the Manors Railway Station directly above and the trains, two passed when I was there, still pass over head giving the place an earthquake shake. These stairs once led to two places. An island Platform on platforms 7 & 8 another subway to platform 1 and later to a car park right next to the station. A sign above one of the boarded up doorways in the car park telling you where it once led can still be seen. Descending the stairs you would exit onto the Corner of Melbourne Street and Trafalgar Street.  If Margaret and her friend had of taken a left at the bottom of these stairs instead walking out onto the street, they would have come to the foot of an absolutely huge set of stairs that would have taken you up to a platform 9 on the other side of the tracks. Serious this place is huge, damp and eerie but had a great time capsule feel about it. It was boarded somewhere around 1985 after a person was injured by falling masonry and for twenty years the place was more or less forgotten about. Until now of course when I luckily gained access and photographed on what had become my last and most elusive location on the Get Carter Tour.


William Harris, Boog & Tom of the MSN Tyne & Wear Transport Group

Often Mistaken for:

Numerous sets of stairs leading down onto Dean Street.
 Old Gateshead Station stairs were the most popular suggestion.