2002 Get Carter Tour

After the first scene there were three more scenes upstairs in the Bridge hotel. Playing cards at Kinnears house, Carter visiting the beaten up Keith at his home and handing him some cash to get some karate lessons and the post crematorium scene.
The tour then made its way outside to watch Carter meeting Eric (Ian Palmer) at the race track. By this time it had began to grab some of the locals attention who were drinking down stairs in the bar who didn't really know what was going on and had started to gather at the window in interest. As the Tour began to form a big circle pointing towards the bar One guy ( Totally pissed) came outside and started laughing and carrying on, saying things like. "action, Cut!. Hey did you know me and Spielberg are going to be making a film next week. Oh yes, the deal is already struck. It is going to be called Stop the Giro". He He. What a laugh he was.  It got everybody warmed up and set the race track scene up very nicely.

Outside the Bridge there were two hearses (Chris Riley arranges this every year to make the funeral scene feel more authentic) which carried Chris Riley and the actors and the props over to Gateshead. And I led the Tour over the 'Iron Bridge' for the next scene outside Coburg Street. When we got to Coburg Street Chris had already arranged number 25 and 27 to be open ready for the next scene. This scene is where Carter Forces Con and Peter out of the Boarding house brandishing a shotgun while appearing totally naked, Causing the old lady next door to drop her milk bottle. Carter (Dave Stimpson) was very brave for this scene, while not being totally naked, he only had a small towel to cover his family jewels and a big paper mashie shotgun to scare Con and Peter. He got big applause for that effort.
From Coburg street , the tour made its way to the Famous 'Get Carter Car park'.
As we walked up the car park ramp and into the car park we were greeted by Steve and Marilyn's 1959 gorgeously preserved Sunbeam Alpine, the Alpine of course being the same kind of car used in the film. After everybody had finished admiring and getting their picture taken next to it we made our way to the highlight of the tour ( Brumby's Demon King Castle, of course where else) to watch the next 7 scenes played out. It also was a great photo opportunity for people and a chance to grab a piece of concrete from the 'Get Carter' ikon. The First scene to be filmed in the car park was where Glenda (Julie Weston) rescues Carter in the Sunbeam Alpine and takes him to see Brumby.

For this scene Steve and Marilyn trustingly allowed Julie to drive and pick up Dave and drive a short distance to the top where everybody gathered round the car to listen to the dialogue from inside the car. When scene was over Steve Laverick gave a talk on the History of the car and its connection with the film. The next six scenes were all played out in the restaurant itself. They included Brumby offering Carter five grand to get Kinnear of his back. Carter kidnapping Thorpey and returning to the boarding house. Carter meeting Margaret at the crematorium and then quizzing her on the Iron Bridge. Big man out of shape at Brumby's house and Carter and Glenda, I know you where purple underwear . After the car park we made our way back over to the Bridge hotel for the final scene and a chance for that well earned drink.
The final scene was 'Goodbye Eric' and was between Carter and Eric (William Johnston stood in for Ian Palmer as Eric). The scene was done in the Blackgates moat and finished of the re-enactment very nicely with lots of applause all round and a few jeers from passers by, shouting," go on, shoot him. What you waiting for".

After goodbye Eric the people who were left finished the night off upstairs in the bridge hotel where they stayed up until eleven o clock. Chris Riley at the end of the night auctioned a few programs that had been signed (genuinely) by Mike Hodges off for charity. One fetched a Tenner one fifteen and one twenty pound.
All in all I would say the tour was a huge success with people enjoying themselves all round.

Notable acting performances

Dave Stimpson (Jack Carter) outstanding!
It was obvious in his preparation for the part he must have watched the film about hundred times, not only did he act the part well but he copied Caine perfectly, right down to the amount of drags he had on his prop cigarette. He held the whole tour together with his well rehearsed enthusiastic performance. Well Done Dave!

Fiona Sisterson (Edna Garfoot) Brilliant!
Well rehearsed, well acted and just absolutely perfect for Edna. She was just perfect for the part and a good sport too when Dave Stimpson unexpectedly ripped open her top in front of admiring audience in the purple underwear scene. Well done Fiona !


Doreen (Heather Bolton) throwing her drink all over Eddie (Warren Grier) in the post crematorium scene.

Jack Carter (Dave Stimpson) ripping open Edna's (Fiona Sisterson) top in the purple underwear scene.

Carter exiting Las Vegas, aka 25 Coburg street, wearing nothing but a teat towel and a holding a paper mashie shotgun.

Funny Moments

Mobile phone going off with the most unusual ring tone during the poker game scene.

Some guy falling over some rubble just before a re-enactment in the restaurant, then running away to jeers from the crowd.

Cliff Brumby (Bill Scanlan) adlibbing most of his lines due to the drink and Carter trying to keep the scene going around him.

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