What's this all about ?





The site came online for the first time on 5/10/01 and itís all about a film called Get Carter.


Get Carter is a film that was shot in summer 1970 in my home city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and its surrounding areas and starred one of the biggest actors of the time, Michael Caine. Now Sir Michael Caine. It was produced by MGM London and was shot on a modest budget of around $750.000 and took 3 months to film.


I first saw GC on TV in 1993 when it was shown along with an episode of the Likely Lads in a North East film night and I have been fascinated with the film ever since. Especially with its locations, a lot of them now disappeared, but where exactly were they? I suppose thatís how the site really started my quest to find locations. Once I found one I wanted to find another then another and so on. Later additions included the memories and a couple of other productions that were filmed in the area. What started out to be couple of web pages about a few locations, turned out to be a sort of online documentary on the making of Get Carter. It was fun though.


The front page of the site pictures Michael Caine standing at the top of Hugh street in 1970 and me as a toddler standing at the top of Maugne street in 1972. These streets were just next to each other and Dunston power station can be seen in the background on both. Contrary to what some people think I never superimposed myself on that picture. That picture was found when I was trawling through old family photos and to my delight I just stumbled across it. Pure coincidence. Well done mam ;-)

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