Jacks Return Home  -  Great site with a diverse selection of information about Get Carter and all things associated. Warren and his Uncles site.

Original site - The first GC site I came across. Good site but badly in need of an update.

 Citizen Caine - Site to dedicated to Michael Caine.

 Richards -  Get Carter car park picture site and of the Tricorn, her sister car park (now demolished)

 BBC Hollywood greats - Jonathan Ross meets the man himself.

 BBC Hollywood on Tyne - good GC section. Also covers other movies filmed on the area.

 Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads - A must for all fans of the classic series. Full interesting info.

 American Werewolf in London - As the title would suggest. Has a great locations section.

 Amazon - Buy all your new and used GC goodies here.

 Timmonet -  An absolutely cracking picture archive of the North East England with lots of good info too. I can sit and browse this site for hours. I love it.

 Disused Stations in the UK - Talk about a big task. This site is trying to document all of the disused railway stations sites in the uk With some fascinating info and pictures it's well worth a visit.

 SINE Images - Another fantastic picture archive site of the North East area. Aerial photos from 60's and 70's. even lets you zoom in

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